California Recall 2021

California Recall Election 2021 Flyer

Have you heard there's an upcoming recall election to replace Gavin Newsom as Governor?

No, what's a recall? 

A recall election is a special election in which voters determine whether to keep or remove an elected official in office before their official term ends.

Who's the focus of this recall election?

Governor Gavin Newsom

What's on the ballot?

There will be two questions:

  1. Should GAVIN NEWSOM Be Recalled (removed) from the office Of Governor?
  2. Candidates to succeed GAVIN NEWSOM as Governor if he is recalled: Vote for ONE.

If you would like to keep Governor Newsom in office, then vote "no" on question one, and if you want to remove Governor Newsom, then vote "yes" on question one. Voters who want to keep Governor Newsom can either leave question two blank or still choose any of the replacements listed on question two. If 50% or more vote NO, the governor will remain in office. If more than 50% vote YES, the governor would be removed from office and the person with the most votes would replace him.

Why is this important?

Voting is a key way to exercise our power. This election is an opportunity to galvanize the power of Black women, and an opportunity for us to lift up the issues that will move our community forward.

When is the election?

Good question. The election takes place September 14th

  • August 16th: ballots will be mailed out beginning that week
  • August 30th: this is the final day to register and vote by mail. Although you can still register and vote in-person, even on election day!
  • September 4th: voter centers will open statewide
  • September 14th: this is the final day to vote in-person, drop-off, or mail your ballot

How do I know if I'm registered to the correct address or registered at all?

To check your voter status, visit:

How do I get assistance with additional voting questions?

For assistance registering to vote, visit:

Voters with disabilities in need of voting assistance, please call: 

(800) 345-VOTE (8683)

How do I vote?

Vote by mail

  • Deadline to mail in ballots
  • But don’t wait until the deadline. Vote and mail your ballot in  as soon as possible or as soon as you receive it

Vote Centers