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Empowering 25,000 Black Men to Vote by 2025


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mission statement

At Black Women for Wellness, our mission has always been the health and well-being of Black women and girls. However, Black men have feelings and thoughts around reproductive justices issues too.

The Empower 25 campaign is dedicated to registering 25,000 Black male voters by 2025, because we recognize that the health of our community is a collective effort. Too often, the voices of Black men have been unheard and overlooked in discussions around reproductive rights. Empower 25 is an opportunity to uplift and amplify Black male voices, providing them with the platform to become champions, supporters, and partners in the reproductive justice movement.

Black men are integral to our families and communities. They are sons, brothers, fathers, and partners who play a crucial role in supporting the health and well-being of Black women. By empowering them to vote, we are ensuring that they have a voice in decisions that impact the well-being of the Black family as a whole.

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campaign goals

Increase Voter Registration: Register 25,000 Black male voters by 2025, significantly boosting their representation in the electoral process.

Educate and Inform: Provide comprehensive education on voting rights, the electoral process, and key issues affecting Black communities, ensuring informed and engaged voters.

Community Engagement and Mobilization: Build strong community networks and partnerships to foster a sense of collective responsibility and action, encouraging active participation in all levels of the political process.

Advocate for Policy Change: Use the increased voter representation to advocate for policies and legislation that address systemic inequalities and issues directly impacting Black communities, influencing change at both local and national levels.

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why now?

In 2024 and beyond, the active participation of Black men in the voting process holds immense significance, as it represents not only the exercise of a hard-earned civil right but also a crucial mechanism for shaping policies that directly impact their communities.

Historically marginalized and often underrepresented in political decision-making, Black men’s votes are essential in addressing systemic issues such as social justice, economic inequality, healthcare disparities, and educational opportunities.

By voting, they can influence the selection of leaders and lawmakers who are committed to addressing these concerns and fostering a more equitable society. Moreover, their engagement in elections sends a powerful message about the strength and importance of their voices, setting a precedent for future generations and contributing to a more inclusive and representative democracy.

Their participation is vital to ensuring that their needs and perspectives are reflected in the corridors of power, making it not just a right but a pivotal tool for change and empowerment.

how it works

Video or Infographic: A compelling visual representation of the campaign’s importance and impact.

Step 1:

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