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We know Aunties are a support system for our moms and their sisters. They nurture the women in their lives from the grannies to the mamas to the babies. Come join us to learn more about how you can help further the Reproductive Justice Movement.

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The Campaign

We here at Black Women for Wellness believe that aunties should be celebrated and appreciated for all the ways you support, mother and invest in our communities every single day. We also believe that Aunties can play a very important role in helping to shape the future of the reproductive justice movement.

We know that the reproductive justice movement hasn’t always engaged our aunties in the conversation. We want to change that. We are inviting all Fierce Aunties to join us in the movement to secure safe and equitable sexual health services, abortions and reproductive health care for our loved ones.

Reproductive justice includes a full range of healthcare services from fertility treatments to equitable perinatal care; comprehensive sexual health education to safe healthy neighborhoods to raise our children and family planning.

The Reproductive Justice movement is so much more than abortion rights. This movement is interconnected with voter rights, environmental justice, employment rights, LGBTQIA rights—Reproductive Justice is a human right.

The Reproductive Justice movement centers Black women as the closest to the issue in securing health equity for women. Black Women for Wellness is calling on our Aunties to help us to build and sustain the movement.

We know Aunties are a support system for our moms, their sisters, they nurture the women in their lives from the grannies to the mamas to the babies. Come join us to learn more about how you can help further the Reproductive Justice Movement.

Our Events

Summer Salon Story Circle
RJ Movement 101 Training
Fierce Aunties RJ Movement 101 Training flyer

Our Team

Jessi Ujazi

Jessi Ujazi

Jessi Ujazi is a Los Angeles based artist known for creating captivating, spirited portrayals of Black existence, realized through collage and painting. Uniquely referential, her work speaks a personal visual language that draws parallels between African history, pop culture, and the postmodern Black experience. With an unwavering sense of duty to explore and amplify the narratives of Black folks, Ujazi’s collages and paintings are visual memoirs that inspire viewers to contemplate the lives, legacies, and futures of the people depicted. Her multilayered work is a synthesis imagination, history, and spirituality, and echoes an intimate, meditative journey of self-discovery.

Social Media Handle (IG): @Jessi.Ujazi

Tina Reeves

Tina Reeves

Tina Reeves is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker renowned for her adeptness in facilitating teams and bringing visions to life on screen. Originally hailing from the Bay Area, she began her creative journey as a talented photographer, swiftly transitioning her skills into cinematography. With a keen eye for storytelling and a passion for amplifying underrepresented voices, she continues to make waves in the industry, inspiring others with her artistry and determination.

Social Media Handler (IG): @tinareevesvisuals

Gaebriel Min

Gaebriel Min

Gaebriel Min is a London-based Design Generalist, originally from Seattle. They apply an intersectional approach to their practice, prioritising accessibility and inclusivity throughout their design process. Working with the small and specialist, Gaebriel strives to foster meaningful connections and drive action through their work.

Social media: @/gaebrielmin

Ari Edmonds

Arianne Edmonds

Arianne Edmonds is a 5th generation Angeleno, archivist, civic leader and founder of the J.L. Edmonds Project (, an initiative dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the Black American West. She has curated and presented her research about Black history, memory and legacy at several cultural institutions around the U.S. Her family archives stretch back to the 1850's and her story as the keeper of her ancestral records can be found in the New York Times 1619 Project, The Root and LA Weekly. She is currently a Senior Civic Media fellow at USC Annenberg funded by the MacArthur Foundation and former Commissioner of the Los Angeles Public Library.