Breast Stories II Application

Breast Stories II Complete Flyer Black Women for Wellness

Breast Stories II 

Documenting the long history of how Black breasts have shaped culture & humanity.

Join us October 2021 as we share our breast stories both political and personal via art, with instructions for the care of, insights into the history and definitely strategy on reclaiming our breasts and bodies for ourselves.

Call for Artists

Boobies, ta-tas, chi chi’s, knockers, the girls, breast  

From the writings/pictures on the temple wall, Black women’s breast feed the world. Our humanity is dependent upon the milk/values that flow from Black women.

From Food to Sex to food - the story of Black women’s breast from the beginnings of humanity as a food source through the exploitation of national geographic as vouyers pass sexual obectification and yet still vital to our health: Black women, our breast have a story - we are seeking to document that story in art form –original work, spoken word, art, 3D, photography, art pieces, music, videos no longer than 3 minutes.

Black Women for Wellness (BWW), a 23 years Black women and girls' community non-profit located in Los Angeles, California, announces a call for artist submissions for a group exhibition to reflect Breast Health and Breast love. Black Women for Wellness believes in the strength and wisdom of our community and allies. We believe that we have the solutions, resources, and responsibility to create the shifts and change needed to impact our health status. Each of us must develop our personal power, hold accountable and support acknowledged leadership, and most importantly, contribute to our survival and growth as a community.

BWW is seeking art reflective of the experiences of Black women’s breast health, history, love and life to highlight via art centered in our lived and historical experience as inclusion with Birth Equity/Reproductive Justice conversations. From visual to musical, video, spoken word or story - however your art form that shares the story of Black breasts, adds to the conversation, affirms our bodies, documents our history and perhaps even provokes thought. 

Video vixens, nursing Mothers, breast cancer survivors, exploited breasts and women just to name a few.

Submission Deadline: September 1st, 2021.

Submissions must be received no later than 12 midnight pacific standard time Wednesday.

  • Selected arts & artists  will be included in a group exhibition.
  • The exhibit will be featured at Aziz Gallerie located at 3343 W 43rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90008. From October 1st- October 31, 2021.
  • Selected artists may sell their artwork at the production. 25 percent of all proceeds must be donated to Black Women for Wellness.
  • We will select ten pieces of art that must be original pieces.
  • All art work will be insured by Black Women For Wellness 


  • Must be a Black Artist

Artists Responsibilities:

  • All works must be completed, ready, dry, and delivered to the Aziz Galleries on September 28th and 29th unless prior plans have been arranged and agreed upon by Gallery staff.
  • Artists must submit a biography and an artist statement about the work submitted for exhibition no later  than Monday, September 27th, 2021.
  • All works submitted for exhibition must be in alignment with the theme.
  • Selected artists must provide their completed work (1piece) they intend to create/exhibit no later than September 15th, 2021.

To Apply:

All applicants must e-mail the following materials. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please take care to ensure all requested materials are included upon submission

  • Completed application
  • Please send at least three different angels of the work you are submitting  in digital format
  • Artist Statement, no longer than 1 page/picture of artist
  • CV or resume
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Work Sample Guidelines:

  • Each artist must submit three digital pictures of work. Front, back and side view.
  • Each file must be no larger than 1MB each.
  • Files must be in .jpg format and 1200 pixels in a dimension.
  • Via email: Send images and all documents with a subject line of “Breast Health and Love” to: [email protected]

Inventory of work samples:

An accompanying document listing information for each image must be submitted: 

  • Title, Year, Medium, Dimension
  • Black Women For Wellness
    4340 11th Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90008
    Tel. (323) 290-5955


Submission must be received no later than 12 midnight pacific standard time September 1st, 2021.