A Mother’s Day Note From Jan Robinson Flint

Jan Robinson Flint speaking with a member

A Note from Jan

Greetings Black Women for Wellness,

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and planning this year certainly feels different. A little history; Black Women for Wellness began holding an annual Mother’s Day event for a number of reasons – one of our members was a single mom of a baby much too young to know to celebrate Mother’s Day, another of our members was facing her first Mother’s Day with out her mom, another felt her husband would not give her recognition and finally we had a few mothers of the organization who we wanted to honor for all the help, support, money and love they shared with BWW over the year. It has been one of those years for BWW.

BWW offices were on Mt Vernon in a huge 4 bedroom house, with plenty of space including a generous yard to plan and plot an event. We created an altar with pictures of all the moms who had joined the ancestors. We prepared a special tea and had lots of cakes (one we even auctioned off as a fundraiser). We all wore hats or fancy head gear (gelée’s) of some sort. Spoken word, art and live music were part of the program. Presentations were made to the women who held us up over the year’s trials and tribulations. BWW has such fun, that we decided to make it an annual event. It was comfort, acknowledging, connecting and needed.

In 2020, this year we are not able to be in each other’s physical company, not able to hug, touch, hold hands and feel those of us feeling emotional. Those of us who have had our mom transition, those who want to honor the moms not in our physical homes with us, those of us who want to celebrate being a new mom for the first time are coming up with creative strategies to show love. And because we are Black women, we will come up with those creative strategies. We will stage car parades up the streets of our moms, we will leave flowers on the porch, we will post pictures on social media, we will hold signs up from the curb. Mother’s Day is a day to recognize the resiliency of Black moms who are being ever vigilant today. They are working, home schooling, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, and keeping spirits high while on quarantine. Kudos!

A word to those moms who might feel a little strained, release and let go of the super cape. Share that super heroine cape with someone else. Take a break, times are taxing, media images are unfair high bars that only exist in the media. Relax, it will be ok and it is ok to accept help.

In February, I bought a pair of good house shoes, quite by accident. My previous house shoes were done (I completely wore them out) and flip flops were not comfortable plus there I was in the store, next to the house shoe section (looking for pajamas). I am so so glad I have these shoes as I had no idea they would become my go to shoe for everyday. Thank goodness Zoom meetings rarely take in shoes but if they did, I have an excellent, cute and comfortable pair on my feet right under the table. What are your go to shoes in these days of shelter at home? Walking shoes? Flip flops? No shoes? How are you taking care of your feet in these days of no nail salons? Doing your own pedicures? Maybe mom needs a great pair of home shoes to last through the remaining days of our stay home stay safe? Just saying so glad I happen to have a great pair for this journey.

Stay home, stay safe – now it is more important than ever. With the weather heating up, it is tempting to want to be outside – do you have a back yard? Those people in your home may be working your nerves by now or maybe being alone is working your nerves…but we want you alive and well! And as the temperature goes up, the pressure increases to want to be outside. Get the daily walk in and please let that suffice. This country is going to experience an economic impact, and that impact will be longer than the public health impact. So yes, some of us are ready to return to work, but don’t be the human sacrifice…We want to spend more Mother’s Days with you. We want more opportunities to celebrate with fancy head gear, high heel sandals, spoken word, live music, lots of hugging and plenty of cake…however until then join us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Zoom media as we celebrate Black moms and ancestors this weekend. And yes, stay home, stay safe, keep your physical distance, if you need a mask we have one.

Much love in celebration of Black Mommas.