Black Women for Wellness is committed to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through health education, empowerment and advocacy.

Older black woman wearing a mask and looking up

“It’s not about supplication, it’s about power. It’s not about asking, it’s about demanding. It’s not about convincing those who are currently in power, it’s about changing the very face of power itself.”

– The Power of the Sisters, Essence Magazine August 2015

Mission & Values

We believe that good health is physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and financial well-being.

We believe in healthy communities where Black women and girls have the ability and resources to grow strong and soar.

We believe that good health involves an integration of western medicine and holistic health practices to create a better life.

We believe in preventing illness through education, self-empowerment, access, appropriate treatments and interventions, and blending solutions that work for Black women and girls.

We believe that the lifestyles or financial and educational status of Black women and girls must not matter in our ability to implement health decisions or access to health services.