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BWW Goes to the White House

Jan Robinson Flint, the Executive Director of  Black Women for Wellness is on her way….Check out Liberty Hill’s  President Kafi D. Blumenfield message below about the trip:

In just three days, a delegation of 18 Liberty Hill grantees, donor-activists and staff will meet with White House senior officials for a conversation about critical social justice issues — jobs, immigration, the environment, education and healthcare. Organized by the Courage Campaign, a Liberty Hill partner organization and grantee, we will join 100 others from California.

Liberty Hill’s “DC Delegation” will share our perspective from Los Angeles — our on-the-ground understanding of what’s needed to advance change for our city, state, and nation.

Stay tuned! We’ll be posting updates on our blog, Facebook and Twitter (using hashtag #ChangeLA) beginning tomorrow. Keep abreast of our efforts to bring Change, Not Charity to our nation’s capital.

Kafi D. Blumenfield