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Sign the Petition Calling for the Release of the Centering Black Mothers Report

Dear Community Partner,

We ask for your support in our efforts to improve maternal and infant health outcomes in California. As you may know, Black Women For Wellness has launched a petition to demand that the state release Centering Black Mothers: Insights into Racism, Health, and Well-being for Black Women and Infants , a report that contains critical data on maternal and infant health outcomes sorted by race and ethnicity.

Despite collecting this data for the first time in 30 years, the state has refused to release the report, leaving us without critical information to improve outcomes for Black mothers and babies. This is particularly concerning in light of recent data from the Centers for Disease Control, which shows that outcomes for Black mothers have gotten worse compared to other groups, and there have been 2 maternal deaths in California this year alone.

We believe that all Californians have a right to access this information, and we are committed to fighting for transparency and accountability in maternal and infant health care. By withholding the Centering Black Mothers: Insights into Racism, Health, and Well-being for Black Women and Infants report, the state is denying us the information we need to develop effective solutions to this crisis.

The report can tell us a great deal about maternal and infant health outcomes in California.. This data can help us identify disparities and areas of need, as well as track progress over time. For example, the report may reveal that Black mothers are more likely to experience complications during childbirth or receive inadequate prenatal care, allowing us to target interventions to address these issues.

We urge you to join us in signing the petition and demanding that our state prioritize the health and wellbeing of all mothers and babies, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Thank you for considering this request. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Black mothers and babies in California.


Black Women For Wellness

Sign the Petition