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Black Women for Wellness & California Attorney General Press Conference 2023

Black Women for Wellness (BWW) is a community-based organization that has been actively working towards improving the maternal and infant health outcomes for Black women and communities of color. Their celebration of the release of a groundbreaking report by the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) on implicit bias and its impact on Black maternal and infant health reflects their commitment to addressing the disparities in birthing outcomes.

The report’s focus on investigating pregnancy care providers’ compliance with required implicit bias training is an important step towards addressing the systemic issues that have contributed to the disparate birthing outcomes experienced by Black mothers, birthing people, and communities of color. Implicit bias, which can affect healthcare professionals’ decision-making and patient care, has been identified as a significant factor in these disparities.

Attorney General Bonta’s announcement of the results of this investigation signifies a commitment to holding healthcare providers accountable for their training and practices. By addressing implicit bias within the healthcare system, there is hope for improved access to quality care, reduced maternal mortality rates, and better overall health outcomes for Black mothers and communities of color.

Black Women for Wellness’s celebration of this report underscores the importance of continued advocacy and action to eliminate racial disparities in maternal and infant health and ensure equitable access to healthcare for all.

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