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Mekdela Ejigu BWW EJ Team Member


Mekdela Ejigu


Mekdela Ejigu is the Environmental Justice Program Coordinator at Black Women for Wellness. She engages in policy advocacy and community outreach to prevent oil drilling and water/plastic pollution in Black communities. Mekdela advocates for Beauty Justice and works to phase out toxic chemicals in Black haircare and beauty products. Mekdela also works to shift cultural norms favoring Eurocentric beauty ideals in Black communities.
Mekdela is an Ethiopian-American writer, advocate, and organizer. She has worked on issues including affordable housing, immigration, and homelessness. Mekdela is an advocate for racial justice, immigrants and refugees, women’s rights, and human rights. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and Feminist Studies with honors. She received her Master’s degree in Social and Public Policy from the University of Leeds, where she learned more about how public policies shape our realities and have the power to create social change.
Her work has been featured in the African Studies anthology, “Pan African Spaces: Essays on Black Transnationalism” and in the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Pennycress Zine.

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