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Jennifer AmenKheti Queen




Jennifer AmenKheti Queen is the manager of the Reproductive Justice Department at Black Women for Wellness in Leimert park, LA, California.

She was raised in Compton, California with her two siblings by their mom who was an educational entrepreneur & community advocate. She grew up with her grandmother’s lush flower garden, all the fruit trees a girl could want, Black art lined hallways & jazz filled Sundays.

She went on to earn multiple degrees in Pan African Studies. She earned a master’s from Howard University & a BA from CSU Dominguez Hills where
she was a leader in the Africana Studies Department and helped get Africana Studies courses as options to fulfill the General Ed course requirement, a legacy that still stands today.

After graduating, she moved to the east coast, started teaching & immediately developed a cultural studies curriculum for a DC public charter school. Kheti, whose name means one who finds peace through justice, went on to work with the Forest Service Headquarters in DC.

At the federal level, Kheti highlighted the Black contributions to that agency & wrote multiple record-breaking publications, including one about her grandfather, a highly decorated, legendary Black paratrooper. Her research & publication about Green Pastures, the only segregated Black recreation site in the Forest Service, resulted in the park being reopened in the fall of 2021, adding dimension to the narrow narrative of who and how people engage with nature.

Having returned to LA during the pandemic, Kheti is currently working to reduce the Black infant & maternal mortality rate & support the sexual health & wellness of Black women & girls.

She recently wrote a comprehensive Rites of Passage curriculum for teens & has dreams of Black women regularly & consistently experiencing joys in living life, giving birth, choosing not to give birth & existing in a safe and healthy world.

When she’s not working you can find her at the local farmers market or mesmerized by Sunsets from her Inglewood balcony with her four legged companion, Bayleaf.

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