How To Vote Primary Election 2022 

Primary Elections are a key part of the democratic process. Unlike presidential primaries, all  candidates are listed on a single ballot, and the two who receive the most votes in each race,  regardless of party, will move on to the November Midterms.

It is important that we participate  in this election because it will help determine many important local races that can impact our  reproductive justice priorities, housing, criminal justice reform and more.

This guide shares  helpful tips to make sure your vote counts. 

Major updates for the 2022 election  

California will be sending every registered voter a ballot. If you are registered to vote at  your current address, you should expect to see your ballot starting May 9th.  

I got my ballot now what? 

1. Once you receive your ballot, be sure to fill it out as soon as possible.

2. If you know who and what  you're voting for, go ahead, fill that ballot out, and turn it in. However, it is ok to take your time to  make sure you have it right.

3. Fill out as much as your ballot as possible. Local races, which will be at the top of the ticket, are just as important as the federal contests. The down-ballot races are just as important as the top of the ticket.

4. If you need help figuring out who to vote for, check-in with some of your favorite trusted community organizations, many of them have recommendations and  information on who and what to vote for.

How to turn in my mail-in ballot  

There are three ways to turn in your mail-in-ballot:  

  • By mail dropping it in the mail at any mailbox or post office. All mail must be postmarked  by 8:00 pm on Election Day.

  • Dropping it off at a vote center within your county.

  • Turn it into an official ballot drop-off location. 

Does my mail-in ballot need a stamp?  

No. A bill passed in 2018 requires mail-in-ballots to have pre-paid postage. You just need to  drop in the mail or at a designated drop box.  

When should I turn in my ballot? 

As soon as possible. However, all the mail-in ballots need to be postmarked by 8:00 pm on Election Day.  

I didn’t get my ballot in the mail  

If it’s after May 15th and you still haven’t gotten your ballot in the mail, you may need to re register to vote with your current address. You can do that by using this link You can also call your local registrar to see if you can track down  your ballot. 

It’s after the deadline to register to vote, but I still want to register to vote for the election. What should I do? 

If you miss the deadline to vote, need some assistance to vote because of disability, or need  language assistance, in person is a good option. By the way, any voter can decide to vote in person  at a location. You don’t need a reason to do so.  

I don’t trust the mail, is there another way to vote?  

They are two options if you don’t feel confident about the postal service getting your ballot in on  time:  

  • Option 1: You can turn in your mail-in ballot at drop off location, or at your polling place or vote center.

  • Option 2: You can vote in person. Most voting sites will be open the weekend and  Monday before election day. Some in-person locations will be open as many as 10 days  before the election. Check with your local registrar office to find out where your polling location or vote center is and the times it's open.  

I’ve moved or I’m moving before the election. How do I get my ballot? 

If you are moving to another place in CA, you can register to vote with the new address of where  you’re moving too. If you don’t know the address yet, you can vote in person or send your ballot  to a trusted place when you can get it (like your parents or a friend’s house).  

So wait, I can still vote in person?  

Yes! You can still vote in person. You will need to check with your local registrar office to find  where your closest voting location is or your polling center, depending on what county you live in, but you can totally vote in person.

Most polling locations will be open the weekend before the  election and some locations open 11 days before. Remember, if you are voting in person, check  your local public health department for the best ways to keep safe, including wearing a mask.  

I want to track where my ballot is to make sure it gets counted, how do I do that? 

California’s Secretary of State’s office has created a website just for tracking your ballot. It is  below: 

Voting Resource Recap:  

  • To request a replacement ballot: Call county elections office or the Secretary  of State’s toll-free Voter Hotline (800) 345-VOTE (8683)