Healthy Hair Initiative

Healthy Hair Initiative

Black Women for Wellness Curls & Conversations

Curls & Conversations

Curls & Conversation is a space that allows consumers, hair care professionals and advocates to talk openly about the Black beauty industry.


We discuss topics such as:

  • What is important to you in the products you look for?

  • What difficulties have you faced when searching for products?

  • Which products do you trust and why?

Conversation is inspired by beauty and curls. We look forward to keeping the conversation about Black beauty, hair, and safe salon practices going!

Black Women for Wellness Natural Evolutions Hair Story 2016

Natural Revolution: One Hair Story

The Black hair and beauty industry is more than simply big business; it’s multilayered, complex and touches every aspect in the lives of Black women & girls. It defines our cultural identity, contributes to our self-esteem (or lack thereof), allows for self-expression, tracks family history, provides an economic base, connects us to Black women across the globe and it has deep, deep historical roots.

However, little is known about the connection between the beauty products we use and the health status of Black women, neither as consumers nor as beauty industry professionals. Natural Evolutions: One Hair Story is a compilation of our work in an effort to provide insights into the culture, conversations and research surrounding Black women’s hair, the beauty industry, and the subsequent effect on Black women’s health.

For more information on our research
pick up a copy of our report Natural Evolutions: One Hair Story.