BWW Environmental Justice program goals include increasing education and awareness among Black women & girls of our exposures to toxic chemicals, chemicals in our environment and share strategies to reduce our exposure


In 2017, this program outreached to 27 salons and cosmetology schools in South Los Angeles (each multiple times) speaking with beauty professionals, stylists and managers on exposures and protections from chemicals in beauty, cleaning and personal care products. Through this outreach we have reached a minimum of 120 hair care professionals. Our community outreach at health events reached well over 250 people, our trainings shared information with 35 researchers and academic institution personnel. BWW staff also shared information with 10 elected representatives on the over exposure and under protection of our beauty industry professionals. BWW published and printed 2000 chem cards which are distributed to community members as an assist when shopping for beauty, personal care and cleaning products.

BWW Civic Engagement Program

(Voting Rules Everything Around Me – VREAM)

Goals include creating an informed and active voter. Staff members, members and volunteers contacted 4,233 voters via phone, 1,679 voters pledged to work with BWW to help push our policy agenda forward, Identified and began working with 720 individuals to develop some aspects of leadership training. VREAM published voter education information distributed to 4000+ people on upcoming special elections, provided training to 60 folks on how to be an active and engaged voter.

BWW Get Smart B4U Get Sexy

The program offers comprehensive sex education to young peoples (ages 14 – 30) to impact the epidemic rates of sexually transmitted infections among African American youth. During 2017, BWW educated 1000+ youth in Pasadena, Compton and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. Get Smart peer educators established a Youth Advisory Council with 10 peer members who supported and guided the design of health educational materials. Because social media is ingrained into the fabric of Generation Z (this cohort) peer educators and staff also maintained a vibrant social media outreach:

  • gained 175 new followers on Twitter
  • received 3,101 profile visits on Twitter
  • gained 62,420 Twitter impressions
  • gained 156 new Instagram followers
  • gained 63 new followers on Facebook
  • established, gained followers, provide daily messages, and created filters for our SnapChat

Sisters in Motion

is our physical activity, cancer risk reduction program, offering education and information on lifestyle change to prevent chronic illness, maintain and regain health if diagnosed with cancer or a chronic illness. 2017 achievements include:  enrolling more than 560 participants into Kitchen Divas food preparation and cooking class, conducting food demonstrations reaching 15,000+ community members, education 31 youth with our Urban Chef Academy (food justice programs in local school districts), enrolling 131 participants in our year long Diabetes Prevention Program, conducting workshops with 63 healthy aging program participants (those ages 55+), working with 97 breast cancer survivors through our Susan G Komen arts program for a total of close to 900 individuals touched directly and 15K via broad community outreach.  

BWW Sisters in Control Reproductive Justice Program

convenes an annual conference and supports a policy agenda to impact the lives of Black women & girls. 2017 our conference had more than 150 people attend to focus on our reproductive health status. BWW published a report Black Women Deserve Better sharing a policy agenda to increase resources, remove barriers and increase the health of our community. Policies supported include;

AB 557 Strengthening Support of Survivors of Domestic Violence

AB 992 Well Baby Visits for New Mothers

AB 1575 Disclosure of Ingredients in Professional Beauty Products

SB 245 Reducing Unintended Pregnancy among Foster Youth

Black Women for Wellness communicates

with our community via a vibrant social media presences, newsletter (electronic & print) and website. Our website visits increased by 15% during the first quarter of the year, moving from 17,500 visits to 20,700 unique visits. Our facebook page engagement remains constant though we are still at 300K+ followers, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have increased with followers, likes and engagement. Our electronic newsletters are emailed weekly, with an increase of opens and clicks by 67%.